⚠️ SPLAFF’s factory is closed and we are sold out in many items.

We still have Recycled Bike Tube Wallets and Brown Hemp Messenger Bags available and they can be purchased through our website.  

Please email us regarding the availability of any other items prior to placing your order.

Also, our website only accepts
Paypal payments.   It does not accept credit cards.

SPLAFF is your source for eco-conscious sandals, belts, bags, wallets, guitar straps, and accessories made from recycled race car tires, used bicycle inner tubes, and natural hemp fabics.

SPLAFF has been making eco-friendly products and only eco-friendly products since 1997.  Our products are carefully handcrafted in North America in a 100% waste-free, earth-friendly process in which all leftover materials are either reused or recycled.

As the original inventors of products made from these materials, SPLAFF is proud to say that at least 90% of all materials used in our products are environmentally-conscious materials.  Our belts, wallets, and sandals are themselves at least 90% RECYCLED content.   All SPLAFF products are VEGAN  !

No Sweatshops, No Animal Products, No Toxic Glues, No Waste
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We are now using PayPal to process your orders, which not only gives you more ways to pay, but makes website checkout more secure than ever.  You do not need a PayPal account to order from our site nor will you need to make one to complete your order.